28 October 2009

Dracula - Chapters 22-25: Mina Potter and the Dutch Man's Vampire

So if you're reading this you're probably reading along. I'll spare you plot points to discuss something else. Is Mina Harker actually Harry Potter (thus making Drac He Who Must Not Be Named)? Let's look at a few salient points:

Harry: Scar on forehead
Mina: Scar on forehead

Harry: Scar burns when Voldemort does something
Mina: Scar was burned on when the bite-o-christ touched her

Harry: Can see what Voldemort is up to, especially while dreaming
Mina: Can see what Dracula is up to (but only in a hypnotic dream-like state)

Harry: Voldemort can get in his mind
Mina: Drac can get into hers

The evidence is pretty compelling. I mean, was J.K. just cribbing from Bram? Was our hero of Harry just a progenitor for She Who Shall Never Be Named Here?

Maybe. But you have to admit, it is rather compelling drama. After so many pages of schlock, we're finally getting somewhere. And thank GOD Stoker saved us the time between the decision to go to Varna and actually arriving there. Can you imagine what the diaries from the "in transit" part would have been? Eesh. So things are heating up, but all I can think of is the Harry Potter connection. What do you think? Agree or no?


  1. Also, I don't think there was very much action or drama in this section. I mean sure, Dracula doesn't go where they think they're going to go, but still, it's all talk. Talk talk talk talk talk. I'm still not enthralled...

  2. It really is a lot of talk, but at least it's talk about MAYBE doing something. That's an improvement!